Wein- und Schlemmer-Stand öffnet erst wieder an Karfreitag 2020 

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Verkehrsverein Martinsthal e.V.
Kirchstr. 4a
65344 Eltville am Rhein

 E-Mail: info@verkehrsverein-martinsthal.de


Weinstand nur über die Betreiber Hier zu erreichen


Auskünfte über Sehenswertes, Übernachtungen,

Restaurant und Ziele der Umgebung erhalten Sie in der

Touristeninformation Eltville, Burgstr, 1; 65343 Eltville;

Tel: 06123 90980

E-Mail: touristik@eltville.de


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Wir wünschen unseren Gästen und Mitgliedern eine schöne Adventszeit, frohe Weihnachten sowie ein gutes 2020
 Wir wünschen unseren Gästen und Mitgliedern eine schöne Adventszeit, frohe Weihnachten    sowie ein gutes 2020

Love English speaking guests

Thank you for contacting us. I would be happy to provide you with some information about our small village located near Wiesbaden.  Martinsthal was founded more than 650  years ago in the Rhine River region of Germany. It is located in a valley along the Walluf brook, bordered on all sides by rolling hills of vineyards. Martinsthal has approximately 1,400 inhabitants.


Viticulture has been an important cultural and economic staple of the community dating back to the days of the Roman Empire. Today, Martinsthal is well known for its excellent wines, namely Riesling and Pinot Noir.  Martinsthal offers its visitors many amenities, including:


·        Hotel accommodations after enjoying a wine-tasting at one of our many wineries;

·        Exploring historical sites and buildings;

·        Hiking tours through our vineyards with unique panoramic views of the Rhine valley; and

·        Visiting our social and cultural centre, known as a “Wein und Schlemmerstand”.


You can find more information on our website at: http://verkehrsverein-martinsthal.de/


During the warmer seasons, young and old visit the social and cultural centre to enjoy the playground, play football, cool off in the brook or, especially for the older generation, drink a glass of wine and enjoy local cuisine. In addition, in August,  Martinsthal hosts the oldest wine festival in the Rhine River region. This is one of the most unique and special cultural events of the season that draws visitors from across Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.


I hope you’ll find the above information helpful in planning your next trip to our region



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